What is it all about ?

The interdisciplinary Nansen Tutu Center TRIATLAS summer school on Ocean Climate and MArine ecosystem was hosted by the Nansen Tutu Center, Dept of Oceanography at University of Cape Town



Six days of class and homework and a lot of social interactions between lecturers and participants. Lecture are available as pdf in that section


Lecturers from all around the world and all disciplines will join forces with local lecturers to bring up to date materials. Postdoctoral fellows also lectured.


Maps, tips, what to do on arrival, recommended taxi, accommodation. We all will be under the same roof. Bring your mug, we do not want to use plastic or waste paper. print the maps before your leave. Have your travel document printed for customs. Check the weekend social activities. Contact All Africa house for late arrival. Lunch and dinner at All African House.

Students and postdoctoral fellows

People  from all around the world will participate to the summer school. You will be put to contribution to work on mini project. Check the students personal presentation in that section.


Thanks to all the generous sponsors and the scientists who secured the funding. This is hard work.