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On top of the 5 page pdf presentations below, all students and postdoctoral fellows need to prepare a two pages pdf to introduce themself and their work on Tuesday Afternoon. Check the schedule.  Show your work, your thesis  or research topic, scientific questions, paper you wrote and how are you going to help achieving TRIATLAS interdisciplinary objectives. Keep it simple, not too many text. It has to be understood by everybody. Best presentation will get a bottle of wine, runner up a pint of beer. 3 Category Master, PhD, Postdoc. Postdoc and students will rate the pdf presentation. Rating form here (give it to Bafana). Lecturers can also rate the presentation if they want.


Rodrigue Anicet  Imbol Koungue

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I am from Cameroon. I am currently doing a PostDoc at GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean research in Kiel with Prof. Peter Brandt. My research is about studying the Angolan Current variability using a combination of different products such as moored observations, satellite data, shipboard ADCP measurements. Research is part of TRIATLAS and SPACE. I did my Master in physical oceanography at ICMPA at Cotonou (Benin) and a PhD on Benguela Niños at the Nansen Tutu Center in Cape Town. My topics of interest are: Benguela Niño, Angola Current, Physical Oceanography, equatorial Dynamics. During my spare time, I like doing Soccer, music, movies, reading. I also like travelling and networking with other scientists.


Faye Brinkman

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I am from Namibia, PhD student in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences at  University of Namibia. I majored in Molecular Biology and Chemistry and did a Master in Water and Coastal Zone Management at University of Bergen  and University of Algarve. I am interested in the development of otolith biochronologies to identify ecosystem shift implications attributed by climate change and fisheries for Sardine  and Cape Horse Mackerel. I will contribute to Theme 1 and 2 of the TRIATLAS which is to study the abundance, diversity, food web structure and distribution of pelagic fauna and to define the drivers of interannual and decadal variability, including analysis of extreme events and tipping points.



Evariste Jupiter Zahibo

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I am from Ivory Coast. After a Master's thesis on the study of the variability of aerosol optical thicknesses in urban and rural areas of Ivory cost from 2015 to 2016, i prepare now my phd on “Kelvin waves effects on the Gulf of Guinea coastal upwelling dynamics”. Taking part at this summer school will allow me to interact with scientists who work on oceanographic modeling, also exchange our experiences and resolve difficulties that we meet together. Passionate of research, i like travels and read scientific books. I’m also a sportsman specially football. From this summer school i intend to acquire fruitful experiences in oceanographic model


Juliano Dani

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Juliano comes from a small city in Madagascar, named Toliara. he is a physical oceanographer focusing on ocean dynamic and coastal upwelling south of Madagascar, using y cruise data set, satellite data and model. He did his PhD at the NT center, Dept of Oceanography, University of Cape Town on the studied  the dynamical link between coastal upwelling variability and currents at the south of Madagascar.  He is currently doing a postdoc to  resolve the mesoscale variability influencing ocean circulation south of Madagascar and the Agulhas Current. He is also part of the Nansen-Tutu scientific team  an Oceanography, UCT. He love sharing quality time with good friends, always ending up in an intense political debate, and a lot of gyms


Founi Mesmin Awo

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I am from Benin, currently doing my Postdoc in Physical Oceanography at Nansen Tutu centre, University of Cape town.  I am studying the impact of Benguela Niños and Congo River on the ocean salinity and marine ecosystem in southeastern tropical Atlantic, as a part of TRIATLAS. During my PhD in France and ​Benin, I worked on the dynamics and the impacts of the tropical Atlantic climate modes. In my spare time, I like traveling, sport activities, but also enjoy good books and music.


Folly Serge Tomety

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From Togo, I am a PhD student  at  the Nansen Tutu Center and department of Oceanography at UCT under the supervision of Mathieu Rouault. My research  is about to understand the long term variability and change in the Benguela Upwelling System. Before starting the PhD journey, I studied physics at university of Lome, did my master in Physical Oceanography at ICMPA, University of Abomey-Calavi Cotonou Benin. My  hobbies include playing football, traveling. Swimming is my new passion.


Lander Crespo

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I am currently a researcher from Basque Country working at the Geophysical Institute of the University of Bergen on TRIATLASwithin the climate prediction  group in Bergen. I have a background on fundamental physics fromat the University of Basque Country. I did my Masters in Meteorology in Spain at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and looked at ENSO in a conceptual recharge oscillator model and at the potential teleconnections from the tropical Atlantic. I recently finished my PhD on the impact of air-sea interactions in the tropical Atlantic seasonal cycle in a modelling framework. I am also currently working on identifying climate changes in the tropical Atlantic basin. I love nature and to be outdoors. I always try to find some time for my favourite activities that are surfing, climbing, skiing, trail running, cycling and music.


Fernand Assene Mvongo


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I am from Douala in Cameroon. I am an oceanographer and Limnologist engineer trained at the Institute of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences of the Douala's University where I worked on the coastal circulation and ocean river exchanges. after, I did a Master in Physical Oceanography at the University of Abomey-Calavi (Benin) where I worked on mesoscale dynamics in the tropical Atlantic and  Gulf of Guinea. In 2020, I will begin a thesis entitled "Internal tidal waves, interaction with mesoscale circulation and impact on phytoplankton dynamics off the Amazon", at the Federal University of Pernambuco in Brazil. The areas that fascinate me most in oceanography are physics, and the biogeochemical and ecosystem functioning of the ocean.


Hermann Luyt

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I am from South Africa and I am currently doing my PhD at the Nansen Tutu Centre, Oceanography Department, University of Cape Town and at NERSC , Bergen. My research is aimed at improving the regional forecasting of sea surface temperatures using data assimilation in a numerical ocean model of the South African coast and offshore regions. My undergraduate and honours degrees were both in GIS and remote sensing (Stellenbosch University) and from my MSc onwards I've been involved in Oceanography (UCT). When not screaming at my computer screen, I enjoy  craft beer and whisky, photography, surfing, watching thoughtful movies and reading classic literature. Also, if you prefer, you can call me Harry.

Isabelle_Vilela_ PhD_Brazil_edited.jpg

Isabelle Vilela

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I am from Brazil, currently doing my PhD in Physical Oceanography at Federal University of Pernambuco. During my Master studies, I worked on modes of variability between surface currents and chlorophyll-a in the Tropical Atlantic. I am working on the role of climate change on oceanic Heat Content in the Tropical Atlantic, the contribution of heat transport to the intensification of the Tropical Easterly Waves, its impacts on the rainfall in Brazilian northeast and predictions of the future climate change with IPCC climate models. The areas that fascinate me the most are air-sea interactions, climate variability, ocean circulation and climate changes. In my spare time I like travelling, running, swimming and listening to music.


Arielle Stela Imbol Nkwinkwa

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I am from Cameroon. I am currently doing a Postdoctoral study at GEOMAR  Kiel in Germany. After my PhD in physical Oceanography where i looked at air sea interaction and the impact of the Ahgulhas Current on Weather and Climate at the  Nansen Tutu center, University of Cape Town, I flew to Germany where I am working on Ocean Atmosphere Interaction. My research is focused on a) The impact of the Antarctic meltwater input on the ocean circulation and the Southern Ocean Weather and Climate using the Kiel Climate Model b) The impact of CO2 increase in CMIP5 models on precipitation of Tropical Atlantic and Pacific. Besides my work, I like traveling, watching the sunset, discovering some new places, and new culinary food..


Iñigo Gómara

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I am a postdoc working for TRIATLAS at Universidad Complutense de Madrid  in the TROPA research group.  My PhD focused on extratropical cyclones and extreme events  dynamics and variability in the Euro-Atlantic sector. As a postdoc, I have diversified my research topics and published papers on West African Monsoon dynamics and climate services for agriculture (e.g., seasonal crop yield forecasts, climate change impacts). Currently at UCM, I am analyzing the relation between atmospheric and oceanic teleconnections and marine ecosystems' variability over different Atlantic regions. Apart from my research interests, I also love playing and watching football (always supporting the best team of all time, Real Madrid) and travelling.


Syumara Queiroz


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I am from Brazil and currently finishing my Masters in Oceanography in the Federal University of Pernambuco. I am currently interested in understand how the western boundary currents contribute to the structuring the ecosystems and influence the distribution of marine organisms in Northeast Brazil. Before that, I majored in Oceanography with emphasis on management of marine ecosystems in oil exploration and production. I love to sing, read novels, listen to nostalgic songs, watch horror movies and documentaries about sharks.


Mamadou Kone

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I come from Ivory Coast and I am a PhD student in LAPA-MF from Felix Houphouet Boigny University in Abidjan. I have just started my PhD thesis with professors Yves Kouadio and Dr Sandrine Djakoure and we are working on the dynamics of coastal upwelling and ocean-atmosphere interaction in the Gulf of Guinea. In my free time, I like to navigate the internet, play sports, but also enjoy good books.


Franz Philip Tuchen

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I am from Germany and  PhD student of Prof. Dr. Joke Lübbecke at the Physical Oceanography department at GEOMAR in Kiel. During the  master program at GEOMAR I was working on intraseasonal waves in the equatorial Atlantic Ocean. Currently, my research focuses on the role of the Atlantic Subtropical Cells on sea-surface temperature variability in the equatorial and eastern tropical Atlantic Ocean on interannual to decadal time scales. My work is mainly based on observational data and I enjoy going on research cruises and being able to collect and work with observational data. In my spare time I like to travel, play football and listening to music.


Ina Nilsen

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I am a first year PhD student from Norway affiliated with the Institute of Marine Research, as well as the Geophysical Institute at the University of Bergen. I have a background within marine biology and did my Masters on ecosystem modelling. My PhD is a part of the Nansen Legacy project where I will study the effects of climate changes in the Barents Sea. We will use an Atlantis ecosystem model, which is end-to-end model that aims to cover the entire ecosystem, to simulate climate changes and investigate how this will affect species and ecosystems as well as the fisheries. Besides my work I like kayaking, travelling to new places and hiking in the beautiful mountains around Bergen

Eu com flor_edited.jpg

Fernanda Nascimento

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I am from Brazil and doing a postodc at the Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research (IOW) in Germany.  I am studying Benguela Ninos, trying to define a better index for it as part of the BANINO  project. I did my  Oceanology Bachelor at FURG (Foundation Federal University of Rio Grande) in Brazil about tidal interactions in the Amazon river and plume. My Master was in Oceanography at UFES (Federal University of Espirito Santo) in Brazil, where I studied tides in an estuarine channel. My PhD is in Coastal and Environmental Engineering from University of Florida and was on tidal and subtidal flows in the Arcachon Lagoon France. I like to watch tv series,  listening to rock, reading, specially fantasy and mystery novels and I love to play computer videogames.


Natasha Costa

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I am a MSc student in Oceanography from the Federal University of Santa Catarina in southern Brazil, currently studying marine heatwaves in the western South Atlantic with Regina Rodrigues as part of TRIATLAS. My research entails analysing the main characteristics of  marine heat waves, frequency, duration and intensity, from observations and CMIP6’s outputs to determine their current and future changes. On my free time I enjoy solving sudoku, watching cat videos on Instagram (specially, but not exclusively), trying to surf, practicing aerial silks, yoga and sometimes I give it a go at soccer and basketball.


Leilane Goncalves dos Passos

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I am from Brazil and I am currently doing my PhD at the Geophysical Institute of the University of Bergen. My PhD research is aimed at improving ocean and atmospheric predictions in the Subpolar North Atlantic and Nordic Seas using the Norwegian Climate Prediction Model. I did my Masters in Physical Oceanography (University of São Paulo) and the last years I worked in an oil company and I had a fellowship at National Institute for Space Research in Brazil (INPE) to investigate climate change in the western South Atlantic, applying ocean dynamical downscaling in CMIP5 models. I like to do meditation, dance and I started to sail recently.


Julia Galetti

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I live in Recife (Brazil)  but I have lived in different states, which have contrasting cultures and landscapes. I have always loved the ocean, so I did my bachelor in Oceanography at the Federal University of Rio Grande. Currently, I am doing my Master in Oceanography at the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE). Through out my career, I have participated in oceanographic cruises. In particular, I have worked with Underway CTD, VMP, moorings.. I am a researcher at the Tropical Atlantic Interdisciplinary Laboratory on Physical, Biogeochemical, Ecological and Human Dynamics (LMI TAPIOCA. I investigate the oxygen minimum zone in the Tropical Atlantic. I enjoy being
outdoors, close to the sea, cycling, swimming, gardening and going to music concerts


Arthur Prigent

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I am from France (Britany), PhD student in the Physical oceanography department at GEOMAR (Kiel, Germany). My research focuses on the impact of the changing south-eastern Tropical Atlantic Ocean mean-state in its detailed feedback processes and on Benguela Niño events with respect to their frequency, intensity, location and impacts as well as their predictability. In my spare time I enjoy travelling, surfing and sailing.



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I am from Benin, PhD student in physical oceanography at University Paul Sabatier of Toulouse (France) and at University of Abomey-Calavi (Benin). My PhD topic is related to the physical properties of mesoscale eddies in the tropical Atlantic ocean and their impact on heat flux and marine biology. I had my master in physical oceanography at the International Center in Mathematical Physics and Applications (Cotonou/Benin) in 2017 and I studied physics and chemistry at University of Abomey-Calavi. I like reading book, listening to music, watching movies, traveling and exercises


Natalia Herran


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I am a postdoc at the Leibniz Institute für Ostseeforschung Warnemünde (IOW) in the physics department. The focus of my research is the short-term variability of the Benguela Upwelling System which affect the oxygen and nutrient supply to coastal areas. I work with ecosystem models and the coupling of biogeochemical and physical processes. I come from San Sebastián in the Basque country, Spain. I decided to study physical oceanography to learn all about (gravity) waves because of my real passion in life: surfing. Besides surfing I enjoy all kinds of water activities including diving, wake-boarding and snorkeling.

Carlos Veloy pic_edited.jpg

Carlos Veloy

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I am from Spain and doing a PhD in the Marine Science Institute in Barcelona on ecosystemic changes in Mediterranean and African waters. My immediate objective is to make a model that can estimate the evolution of ecosystems diversity both taxonomical and functional and their general health.that can be extrapolated to all the regions in our study area using mainly data from scientific campaigns and forecasting of possible consequences of changes in human impact and environment in the marine communities. I have  a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a Master’s degree in Marine Biology from University of A Coruña. I also enjoy computer games, movies and a good walk in the tide pools every now and then


Bafana Gweba

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I am From South Africa, originally from East London (Eastern Cape). I am doing a PhD at the Nansen and Tutu centre, department of Oceanography at UCT. My academic background is in Applied Mathematics (both undergraduate and honours) at the University of Fort Hare and Stellenbosch, respectively. My PhD study is about investigating the effects of surface currents on the wavefield properties at the Agulhas Current region. My work is mainly based on using WaveWatch 3 numerical model coupled with surface currents (e.g., CROCO or GLORYS) to quantify the wavefield changes induced by wave-current interactions. In my free time, I listen to some good music (Jazz, RnB and deep House), I also like cooking and gym on a regular basis. 



Hadi Bordbar

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I am originally from a small city, called Fasa, which is located in southern part of Iran. I am currently working as a post doctorate researcher at the Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde (IOW). My research revolves around the ocean dynamics and its impacts on the regional and global climate system. I am particularly interested in the ocean circulation, ocean-atmosphere interactions and coastal physical processes. Recently I have been implementing climate models to understand the tropical and subtropical climate variability, mechanisms and implications. On top of that, I have been investigating the confidence of climate hindcasts and predictions on seasonal to decadal time scales. I am rather an active person so I like spending my free time in an active way. Regularly, I play football and Badminton . I am also keen on watching TV series and documentaries. I go swimming at least once a week. I would like to add a new activity in my free time routine.


Sadegh Yari

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I come from Iran. I got my PhD in Environmental Fluid Mechanics from University of Trieste, Italy. I used to work at National Institute for oceanography and applied geophysics (OGS), Italy mainly on Mediterranean Sea. At the moment I am postdoc researcher at Leibniz Institute foe Baltic Sea Research (IOW). My research subject is focused on Influence of wind field variability on upwelling dynamics and water mass distribution on the Peruvian shelf which is a part of CUSCO (Coastal Upwelling System in a Changing Ocean) project. I do hiking, running and biking. My hobby is cooking specially seafood. I am interested in travelling and new experiences around the world.

Simone Lira 2.jpg

Simone Lira

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I am from Brazil and doing a postdoc at UFRPE- Ecology Program and UFPE- Oceanography Program. Currently, I am studying the structure, distribution, and connectivity of the zooplankton from the Tropical Atlantic with focus in decapod larvae, and integrating the results considering hydrodynamic processes. My work is a contribution for the ABRAÇOS and TAPIOCA projects and recently to the TRIATLAS project. I started my journey at the Federal University Rural of Pernambuco with the theme of my biology Bachelor concerning benthic invertebrates from shipwrecks. I did My Masters and PhD in Oceanography at the Federal University of Pernambuco, where I studied the distribution of the zooneuston around the oceanic islands with focus in decapod larvae; and the size spectra and biovolume of the zooplankton and, genetic connectivity of Decapoda around oceanic islands, respectively. Now I search to expand my knowledge through the exchange with different scientific fields with the TAPIOCA research group. I like to listening and watch rock concerts, love to travel and take photographs of nature, and to watch TV series and documentaries about science


Marie-Lou Bachèlery

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Dr Marie-Lou Bachèlery is currently working as a post-doctoral fellow within Tri-Atlas. Her research covers physical and biogeochemical oceanography, physical biogeochemical interactions, regional processes, and numerical modelling (coupled regional oceanic simulations) in coastal and open ocean sectors. She is mainly interested in the regional variability of the South-Eastern Atlantic Ocean with a special focus on the Benguela Upwelling System. Her research apprehends equatorial dynamics and its connection with the interannual coastal variability off the coasts of Angola, Namibia, and South-Africa